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We focus on simplifying your process and delivering on results by driving more leads, revenue, and growth for your business. We help orchestrate a buyer’s journey that delights by aligning your sales and marketing teams and by integrating powerful technology in your sales approach.

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Fractional CMO

The fractional part means you get a senior marketing leader who’s fully committed to your team, but not fully burdened with executive-level costs. Does your organization lack clarity of message? Is your company unable to reach the right audience to sell to? If so, consider a Fractional CMO.

Secret Shopping

Nothing is more insightful than a secret shop of your sales process. We will dig into your buyer's journey to uncover issues and friction points. We'll remove the hurdles wherever we can. But first, we have to find them.

Lead Nurturing

Let us create a set of high-performing lead nurturing campaigns to target new inquiries. Or, we can create a set of lead nurturing communications to target older leads to try to get more of them to convert into sales.

Website Chatbot

Chatbots help website visitors get to information so much faster without a website redesign! We are helping to shape the sales process of tomorrow. We want to meet customers where they are. And a chatbot is the way to do it.

Website Conversion

Let us help get more of your website visitors to turn into leads and buyers. We will work with your team to increase your website's conversion rate from visitor to lead/inquiry.

Marketing & Sales Audit

You may have tons of leads, but a large percentage of those people don't buy. We can help you find these friction points and fix them. Put our 20 years of experience to improve your process quickly and effectively.

Marketing Automation

Your business is probably not tapping into the awesome power of automation! And your team may not even know what’s available and how to harness automation to its full potential -- but we can show you.


Buyer Journey Mapping

Most businesses are unaware of how they unintentionally add friction to their sales process. Our goal is to help you delight prospective customers and/or clients at each stage of their journey.

Leveraging Technology

We're tech experts. We keep up with trends and the best technologies to boost sales. We evaluate your needs and goals and provide recommendations on which type of technologies you can add to drastically improve your sales and even your internal processes.

??? Investment Evaluation

DO WE WANT TO KEEP THIS? Acquisition? We help equity groups and other schools evaluate a school group or campus acquisition. We provide secret shop and audits to dig into the potential buy before making it official. Since we are Ed Tech experts, we also evaluate 3rd-party vendors or services.

Qualitative Research

Our research is anchored to your business problem.  Our goal is to get actionable insights to answer these types of questions, and more: Why is your business losing leads? Why does your business have low sales or repeat sales? Why does your business have bad online reviews? 

Marketing Audit

We will audit your entire marketing strategy, media spends, analytics, and reports to find areas of waste and opportunity. We can review all of your data quickly and produce a set of recommendations on what channels to pull back on and which ones to ramp up.

Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy

Your communication strategy needs to be centered around growing sales. We can revamp your marketing and sales communication strategy, including how you use emails, texts, and phone calls. We'll develop the sequence and timing.


Custom Packages

Our unique services are anchored in solving the many challenges businesses have. We focus on ambitious businesses that want to grow to new heights and who are looking for a long-term partner. Schedule a consultation with us so we can discuss what package will best fit your business' unique goals!

Our Clients

We have been fortunate to work alongside fortune 500 businesses, medium-size businesses, non-profits, universities, and brands either directly or through agencies or OPMs.

Our goal is to help drive your business more revenue! 

We look forward to speaking with you! Schedule a free consultation with us so we can discuss your biggest growth challenges.

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"Amazing Insights and Quality Work!"

On numerous occasions, I have sought out secret shopper updates to inspect the quality of the recruitment operation within my own organization along with getting intel about competitor processes. In all of these situations, I have engaged with Renee at Ellison Ellery Consulting to conduct these secret shops. Renee takes her time to ensure that the job is done right and that she gathers as much intelligence about your own team and their work product along with how it maps to competitor offerings. She knows the higher education sector and enrollment and marketing space quite well, which yields very insightful comments that are actionable and have helped my teams get better at serving students over the years.
Matt Hillman
President, Wiley Education Services
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