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Our Focus is on Driving Your College More Enrollments

Revamping Your Communication Strategy Needs a Multi-Prong Approach Focused Around Growing Enrollments 

Ellison Ellery Consulting has uncovered millions of dollars in lost revenue for universities and created stopgaps in marketing to end wasteful spending.

We leverage our experience from working with 150+ projects and colleges to help her new school clients make quick gains and impact their upcoming starts or reducing Summer Melt

Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing but costs 62% less.

–Demand Metric

Your Communication Strategy Needs to be Centered Around Growing Enrollments  


Our Communication Strategy Services Encompass:

After kicking-off our project, we will agree on your goals, set-up metrics (ways to track different parts of your enrollment process), and do an asset review.  We do not want to re-create the wheel. Between your social media, Youtube channel, and website, we are confident you have many of the pieces you will need to revamp your communication strategy. 

Want To Boost Your Sales?

We help to identify friction points in your marketing and sales process to create better experiences for prospective buyers. And we delight them, turning them into brand evangelists.

Your Communication Strategy Needs to Center Around Your Enrollment Strategy to Best Impact Revenue

Higher Ed Communication Strategy

We can audit your current Enrollment Strategy, creative elements and assets, and your current communication strategy. 

Then we will provide a set of recommendations on how to improve your Communication Strategy to grow enrollments.

We differentiate ourselves from other agencies because our sole focus is on growing enrollments while delighting students and prospective students. We want to delight prospective students and turn them into evangelists who want to promote your university without being asked. Over time, we want most of your inquiries to come from referrals, as students can’t wait to tell all of their friends. Let’s turn your students into brand ambassadors. 

Creativity vs. Enrollment Strategy 

While we want your enrollment pieces to be beautiful, it’s just a tactic in an overall strategy which includes evaluating all of your enrollment touchpoints, materials, and opportunities for conversational marketing touchpoints,  etc.  When and how someone receives these beautiful pieces is just as important. 

Then, we reimagine your enrollment process and communications strategy! 

We don’t care about winning creative awards! We define success only if your college achieves its enrollment goals for the lowest cost-per-start possible. We are a revenue driver! 

Let’s work to improve your Yield together! 

Your Enrollment Leaky Bucket

We are able to make quick adjustments and help to plug up the leaky enrollment bucket and ultimately drive more enrollment growth.

What is an enrollment leaky bucket? This is where students visit your website and then leak out of your website without an ability to truly hold on to them and get them to apply. This is also when you have students who apply to attend and then do not persist? Where did they go? Why is your summer melt so high? What can be done about it? 

Let us audit your entire marketing strategymedia spendsanalytics, and reports to find areas of waste and opportunity.

We are able to review all of your inputs quickly and produce a set of recommendations on what channels to pull back on and which ones to ramp up. We will provide your team with a roadmap that only someone with 20 years of experience can do. 

Are you maximizing your ROI?  “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker


We may decide we need to do an Enrollment Secret Shop and/or a Student Journey Map to help us plan how to best move forward.  For some clients, they want to audit their marketingwebsite analytics, and media spend as a part of their project to get a comprehensive view of their entire strategy before moving forward.  


Why Secret Shops Are Important to Developing Your Communication Strategy 

A big portion of what we do are secret shops

Time and time again, our request for information would go unanswered or we would receive a single email acknowledging our information was received.  Sometimes we would receive a mailer or two; albeit the mailer was beautiful. 

Most college admissions departments do not envision creating a lackluster enrollment process, but that is what they have. It may be important to do an enrollment audit and/or secret shop to get everyone in the room to agree on the same problem.

A Secret Shop can help us identify enrollment hurdles. We will be able to create your Communication Strategy around these hurdles and friction points to help move more prospective students to move through your enrollment funnel


Let’s remove the hurdles wherever we can.

We owe it to these students. We need to better empathize with our prospective students and ask ourselves, are we doing enough to show them that we care? What else can we do to help him or her through the enrollment process?

How does a college figure out their hurdles? 

Schedule a consultation and we will discuss how to revamp your Communication Strategy overcome your school’s hurdles and friction points and get more students through your enrollment funnel. 

Communication Strategy Tactics 

The goal is to drive more people into your enrollment funnel called inbound marketing. 

Inbound Marketing Tactics Can Include: 

  • Blog Strategy
  • Social media 
  • Lead Nurturing (emails, text and phone calls)
  • Marketing and Enrollment automation 
  • Website content and flow
  • SEO 


Create a Lead Nurturing Email and Text Message Sequence

Creating a lead nurturing process should be an important element in your Communication Strategy moving forward. 

Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with prospective students at every stage of their decision process. The focus should be on understanding your prospective student’s needs and putting him or her on a communication track that will help answer their questions about your college.

You can put prospective students on countless different tracks. Back to lead nurturing tracks, you can put nursing prospective students on a different track than business students or undecided students.

You will be nurturing the relationship over time!  You can use an email service with automation or a Higher Ed CRM that has automation.


We can help you leverage technology to help you grow enrollments.  

Let’s work together to figure out how to best leverage technology for your school. We focus on Enrollment Enablement Tools, which are different tools and services you use and layer on top of each other to help with enrollment, marketing, and Admissions.  Let’s schedule a consultation to dig into this more.

Let’s Skyrocket Your Results Together.

Let’s Chat! We look forward to helping you Grow Enrollments, Increase Revenue, and Yield.

Together, we will create a communication strategy focused on growing enrollments

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