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We offer a variety of services all related to increasing your college’s enrollments, improving retention, and improving yield.

We offer a unique set of services to meet the specific needs colleges and universities have.

Each private college, community college, university, large online university, or bootcamp can be radically different, that each project is tailored to that specific institution’s needs and goals.

  • Secret Shopping 
  • Student Journey Mapping
  • Qualitative Research
  • Lead Nurturing / Communication Sequence
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy 
  • Marketing Audit
  • Enrollment Audit 
  • Set up KPIs and reporting
  • Website Chat Bot 
  • SEO audit 
  • PPC audit 
  • Landing page development 
  • Leverage technology
  • Marketing automation and CRM
  • Website and conversion enhancements

Let a 20-year veteran in Marketing and College Admissions shop your recruitment process, providing insights on how your enrollment process can improve.

Many colleges will select to secret shop their own enrollment process along with a set of their main competitors to see how they differ.  This helps your college create a benchmark and compare your process, marketing materials, enrollment efforts against your competitors. 

Renee has shopped over 200 colleges, universities, and boot camps.

Renee has also shopped primary and secondary schools. Plus, countless other businesses.

If you are looking for insights, this where your college or business should start. 

Is your marketing speaking to prospective students effectively? Could it be better? Is your marketing being executed the way you envisioned?

Are you effectively telling your story? Let’s dig in! 

Often because of silos, the value proposition mentioned in your marketing is not being communicated during your enrollment process. Or, a PR department publishes amazing branded pieces, and these elements will not show up in the Admissions process.

We will work to identify blind spots and areas of opportunity in your marketing and admissions process.   

I will audit your entire marketing strategy, media spends, analytics, and results to find areas of waste and opportunity. Are you maximizing your ROI?  “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”  –John Wanamaker

Let me help you figure out!  

For every issue I uncover, you’ll receive a set of recommendations on how to resolve this issue. Your team probably already knows there are issues. Let me help them prioritize these issues based on the potential impact and benefit to the organization.

Let’s skyrocket your results together.  

Improve Yield, Conversion Rates and Reduce the Cost Per Start 

Many colleges view the enrollment process through their own eyes as employees. 

A student journey map tells the story of a prospective student’s experience. Generally, a student journey map begins at initial contact with your website or landing page, and the student journey maps then moves along to capture the touchpoints and engagement opportunities as you begin to build a relationship between your school and this student.

Student Journey Maps identify key interactions and defines the various feelings, motivations, and expectations that a prospective student might have at each touchpoint.  


You can also create a student journey map to capture your student experience from enrollment to graduation and even your alumni experience.

Let us create a set of high performing lead nurturing campaigns to target new inquiries, or a set of lead nurturing communications to target older inquiries to try to get more leads to convert into students. 

Let us create a set of high performing lead nurturing campaigns to target new inquiries, or a set of lead nurturing communications to target older leads to try to get more of them to convert into students. 

I will go through your assets and see what we can use in your communication sequence to tell your school story, to help differentiate your college experience, and to improve your yield.


There is a Time to Plant and a Time to Reap


In order to create a great lead nurturing experience, we will leverage technology to create your enrollment communications sequence using what is called marketing automation.  

Marketing Automation is an amazing way to streamline the enrollment process and create operational efficiencies, while also engaging in meaningful dialogues consistently. 

Your college is probably not tapping into the awesome power of automation! Your team may not even know what’s available and how to harness automation to its full potential!

So much is changing, and it feels like it’s changing almost daily, it’s hard for a team to keep up with.

That’s why I offer this service! Each school is different. Some colleges have a powerful CRM, while others are using a makeshift one, or none at all. I have worked with many collegessecret shopped over 100 colleges and hundreds of Enrollment Advisors. I will use my collective knowledge, and experience to work for your school.

During my secret shops, I observed how schools have set-up their marketing automation. For instance, I would often receive an automated response that my information was received. Often, I wouldn’t see much else, or an occasional email blast, or a lead nurturing campaign. A few schools I’ve shopped had a robust lead nurturing campaign, while others not so much.

Let’s start with the power of Marketing and Enrollment automation. This can be done with many CRM’s and some email providers that have automation.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you grow enrollments, automate more of your efforts while personalizing them at the same time! 

Let’s set up a discovery call to discuss your specific goals. 

Great question. We bill $150 an hour with an upfront retainer.  The cost-per-hour can go down as the project size goes up.

Projects that are over 130 hours per month the rate can go as low as $90 an hour.  There are breaks in between $150 to $90 depending on the project size. 

We track our time and do true second billing. 

All of our clients have come back multiple times to work on new projects and initiatives. Our client retention rate has been 100%. 

Each project is different. A competitive shop can take about eight weeks to complete, while a student journey map with extensive user interviews can take 12-14 weeks or longer.

Let’s discuss your goals for the project and then we can work together on the deadlines and deliverables. 

The first step is a discovery call. Based on that call, we will better understand your goals, budget, and timeline.

Next, we will put together a proposal and a statement of work (SOW), along with signing an NDA. 

Generally, 50% of the project is paid upfront, 25% is paid in the middle of the project and 25% is paid after the final deliverable.

Once the proposal and SOW are signed-off on, we’ll schedule a kick-off call. 

During the kick-off call, we will discuss a project plan, deliverables, dates, and other project specifics. 

Depending on your needs, we can schedule a weekly update meeting, or send updates via email.

Then the report deliverables are sent to be proofed and reviewed. Generally, there are edits to these documents as they can be shared throughout the organization. Often there will be information you may only want certain departments to see. 

Finally, the presentation. We often present to Boards, CEOs/Presidents, Leadership, and other departments. For some clients, we present the findings multiple times to different departments.

Each of these presentations can be billed at our agreed rate if the project falls outside of scope. 

My office is in Orlando. If you’re in the area, let’s grab lunch or a cup of coffee. 

I am normally a remote resource for all of my clients. I am available by email, phone, text, and video conferencing. 

On occasion, I will travel, but with Covid, I am not traveling at this time.

Let’s schedule a call to discuss your project.

Normally, we work under NDA’s so we are unable to showcase all of our work, but we are happy to provide other samples created that were not for a specific client project. 

Check out our client page to see other colleges and brands we have worked with. 

Another great question. I have worked with my fair share of consultants over the years, and often I was disappointed with the money that I spent for the results I received.

Most of the people I worked with spent most of their time growing their business and not providing actionable insights or results for my school. Or the Consultant didn’t have enough experience in Higher Ed so their recommendations were not applicable in the end. 

When I hand over my recommendations, I always view it through the lens of my client (you).

If someone handed me these recommendations would they be actionable? Will this impact my upcoming start and future starts? Can I implement these recommendations? Or better yet, can this Consultant help me implement these recommendations?

I need to be able to answer these questions before I consider sending you any deliverables. 

Forbes says “that strategic plans fail for many reasons, including a lack of focus on results, the wrong talent, partial commitment from leadership, and resistance to change”. 

If your leadership team has the commitment for change, then let’s get started and start making a real impact on your yield and growing your Admissions enrollments and improving retention. 

Plus, I am the one who will work on your project, not a more junior employee. I bring my 20 years of experience in Higher Ed to every project I tackle. 

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