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Put Our 20 Years of B2B and B2C Experience to Work for You

Inbound Marketing Growth Agency

Our #1 Goal is Grow Your Leads and and Revenue

We are a Demand-Gen Agency Focusing on Inbound Marketing, Conversion, and Revenue Generation for Our Clients.

We optimize B2B marketing and sales processes end-to-end. We add in sales enablement, content strategy, training, gamification, tracking/reporting, and automation triggers.

We help businesses create memorable marketing and sales moments that move the needle and drive additional revenue growth by delighting prospects and tying marketing to metrics.

Our team consists of marketing veterans, GenZers, storytellers, advertising professionals, and inbound marketers. Advertising, at its core, is a personal medium, and we’re bringing the human factor back to an industry that often forgets it.

Our goal is for your business to get MORE customers and spend LESS on marketing. It can be done! Lean on our expertise.

We have created campaigns allowing businesses to make authentic connections with prospects using the channels that most resonate including social media, SMS/MMS, chatbots, social media autoresponders, videos, automation, and storytelling.

We leverage technology to help you achieve your sales targets.

We are a group of innovators, while rooted in the complexities of Higher Ed, NonProfits, and B2B Businesses including SaaS and other tech start-ups.

We know your jargon; we know how hard your job is, and we are here to help you look like a Rockstar!!

We know that sometimes things don’t move as fast as we would like. And that’s ok too!  We move fast on our end, and your business can move at its regular pace between the two organizations; we’ll make things happen quickly for you!


We bring experience to the table, but nobody knows your business as well as you do. We want your feedback, we encourage your input and we do whatever we can to build a collaborative relationship. You + Us = Increased ROI

Our Founder, Renee Seltzer, has spent over 20 years in Higher Education marketing and other verticals as well including SaaS, travel and healthcare. She has worked on the school side, worked with various OPM’s, and on the agency side and affiliate marketing side. She is hands-on with all of our college clients. 

She started Ellison Ellery Consulting over 13 years ago. She has worked with over 200 schools, and secret shopped over a 1,000 Reps. She is part understands the importance of data, data quality, and qualitative research to drive long-lasting results for her college, and university clients. 

Why Choose Us?

Our purpose is to break down barriers to quality education by offering services focused around helping your college improve it’s Enrollment Yield, Grow Enrollments, and Increase Retention.

Embracing Digital

Our services span digital, qualitative research, and traditional marketing. However, we are a digital-first agency. We are believers in the power of digital marketing, demand-gen, branding, and storytelling told across digital platforms, and channels.

Keeping Costs Down

We aren’t flashy. We don’t need Google-esk digs to impress you. Let our results impress you! We work remotely and this allows us to keep our costs down, and pass the cost savings to you.

Custom Consulting Packages

We work with all types of colleges, universities, coding boot camps, and private schools. We work with big to small budgets. Let’s discuss your goals, where you are today, and where you hope to grow to and I’ll create a custom project within your budget to help you exceed those goals.

By the Numbers

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished for our schools! 

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Meet Our Team

Renee Seltzer has spent over 20 years in Higher Education. She has worked on the school-side, worked with various OPM’s and on the agency side and affiliate marketing side.
Learn More About Renee

Renee Seltzer

CEO and Co-Founder

Anna graduated with honors from Anderson University (SC) with a BA in Communications, concentrating in Digital Media. With a comprehensive communications background, she’s specialized in marketing, public relations, social media management, photography, and video production. Anna is a creative thinker at heart and contributes at Ellison Ellery Consulting by assisting with content creation, content editing, market research, internal structuralization, and more.

Anna Ekert

Marketing Specialist

Jasmin is a banking and finance professional and was captivated to work in a service-oriented non-profit organization because of its mission with the people. She achieved her expertise in social media and digital creation through the administrative service she rendered for over ten years. She is deeply in love with social media and all about digital creation the reason she shifted to this new career.

Jasmin Jardeleza

Social Media Coordinator & Designer

Jennifer Collier


Muhammad Asad

Web Developer

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