Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet the Ellison Ellery Team

We're a team of marketing veterans, advertising professionals, paid media wizards, Gen Z-ers, inbound marketers, and storytellers. 

Renee Seltzer

Renee Seltzer

CEO and Founder


Anna Ekert

Project Manager

Joseph Duran

Marketing Manager

Olga Yuger

Social Media Coordinator & Designer


Asad Razzaq

Web Developer

Madeline Kopp

Madeline Kopp

Content Strategist

Ashley Shedlock

Marketing Specialist

Vikram Shinde

Technical SEO Lead

Paul Graham

Client Marketing Consultant


Gerardo Hernandez

Graphic Designer

Jaco van Jaarsveldt

Paid Social Media Expert

Vikram Shinde

Technical SEO Lead

Priya Sahu

Google Ads Manager

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We are excited to be growing! The best part? We’re 100% remote. We’ve built a great company and culture through our shared vision and mutual respect.

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