Google PPC Specialist

We are seeking a Google Ads expert to help us make better business decisions based on our marketing data, along with developing strategies based on keyword research and user intent. 

The ideal candidate will have an expert knowledge of Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Your primary responsibilities will be maintaining the Google Ad accounts of our company, and for our clients, since we are an agency. You will need to analyze the results to identify patterns and trends that can help us improve the efficiency and usability of our products and services. 

You will also be expected to improve our Google Ads accounts and maximize the return on our investment.

We mostly work with lead generation in higher education, home services, business to business services, SaaS, etc.


  • Manage all aspects of Google Ad campaigns
  • Create and optimize ad campaigns and paid search landing pages (provide suggestions on how to improve landing pages, or to create new pages to match ad groups)
  • Analyze and optimize ad campaigns to increase return on investment (ROI)
  • Use Google Ads to drive a variety of online marketing campaigns
  • Analyze and optimize pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to increase ROI and grow leads
  • Manage and optimize display campaigns across multiple devices
  • Develop PPC strategies to increase online visibility
  • Collaborate with a team of marketers, Google Ads specialists, and engineers
  • Execute day-to-day buying in Google Ads and potentially additional platforms, including monitoring bid strategies, implementing optimizations, analyzing results, and A/B testing 
  • Optional: Plan Google Ads display and video campaigns with budget, target, and campaign setup recommendations using platform tools and previous experience 
  • Communicate tracking needs to and guide setup with Data, Analytics & Insights team 
  • Communicate internally within teams to ensure success across all paid media campaigns and SEO efforts 
  • Develop and deliver client reporting on a weekly, monthly & quarterly basis  

Job Qualifications and Skill Sets

Below are the qualifications expected of a Google Ads expert:

  • A degree in digital marketing or a related business field
  • In-depth knowledge of Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Optional: Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads)
  • Google Ads certification 
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