How We Helped This Food Brand Get Millions of Website Visitors

Knowing that over 30% of children are overweight or obese, Renee Seltzer, Feeding My Kid founder and Ellison Ellery CEO,  decided to make a meaningful impact in her community by building the one thing that she needed most when struggling to feed her children in their early years: community. This has been a passion project for our founder to give back to her community and be a change agent for children and families.


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The Problem

The Misrepresentation Of Food Labels

Most parents don’t know the truth about the food industry. Food manufacturers are notorious for stuffing foods with added sugars, food coloring, and preservatives and misrepresenting the front packaging of food with false health claims, which are not regulated by the FDA.  Food manufacturers can say “No Sugar Added” on the front of a package, but in reality, the tea or juice has more sugar than a Coke.

When sugary gummies can be shaped like fruit and empty carbohydrates like goldfish, it becomes easy to fall into the nutritional traps set by a corrupt industry.

Before finding out her son had a peanut allergy, Renee did not pay much attention to what was in her children’s  food. Because of her child’s life-threatening allergy to peanuts, Renee became a food detective to make sure there was no chance of cross contamination with peanuts.

This is when she started to observe that the nutritional information on the front of the food item’s box did not match up with the ingredients and nutritional counts on the back of the box — where the food manufacturer has to be honest with what is in their product.

The truth about children’s diets became painfully clear: our children are unhealthily gaining weight because of these food choices and how these companies are marketing to families.

Over 30% of children are overweight or obese


9/10 children do not eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables

Children are deficient in overall nutritional health.


Most importantly, this food industry profits from feeding our children empty calories.

The Solution

A Nutritional Movement

There is so much more to feeding children than just giving them food. Developing a lifelong healthy relationship with food starts at a young age, and it is critical for avoiding eating disorders such as: binge eating, emotional eating, bulimia, anorexia, and more!

1- Becoming a Thought Leader and Creating an Identity Package

The most important part of becoming a thought leader is understanding the problem better than anyone else. As a new mom, Renee was frantic to learn everything she could do to help her get her twins to eat healthy. She went to doctors, food experts, and even speech pathologists to understand her problem better.

In the same way, we created a Brand Identity that spoke to the hearts of real moms by performing  user experience research (UX Research),  as well as market research, to better understand our audience.

Not all research tactics are the same. 

From our research, we found what moms needed most to feed their kids:

  • Advice from real experts
  • Healthy meal recipes that kids will eat
  • Support for the role of Mother

The Feeding My Kid brand was inspired by the first chefs we all had growing up: our mothers!

2- Building a Website with Great User Experience

We built Feeding My Kid, a WordPress site, focusing on speed, functionality, and ranking highly in search engines. We followed on-page and off-page best practices, adhered to site speed requirements, implemented the latest SEO strategies and principles, and filled it with incredible content that made visitors want to keep digesting more content. With amazing infrastructure, the website was able to handle hundreds of unique blog posts, recipes, and links.

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In about nine months, we were able to grow our website traffic from 0 — 250,000 visitors per month using Search Engine Optimization and a robust Pinterest!

3- Leveraging Social Media with Amazing Content

Since we understood moms’ frustrations with feeding their kids, the need to build a strong social media presence with a practical strategy became clear. To grow Feeding My Kid’s  presence, we created engage-worthy content for moms just like Renee, disseminating the information and support she wished she could have had, including: recipe posts, video tutorials, blog articles, and more.

The results were incredible! Feeding My Kid was able to get influential Occupational Therapists, Dieticians and Nutritionists, and moms to contribute content to the platform and then share their content with their followers.  

Feeding My Kid built a self-sustaining village of like-minded individuals. We focused heavily on Pinterst and Facebook because, at the time, Instagram was just starting to gain traction, and its demographics skewed much younger so we decided not to focus on that platform.

Over time, Instagram’s audience aged up, and new, more mature, users joined the platform. But by the time that happened, Renee, Feeding My Kid’s Founder, was so busy helping B2B businesses and colleges grow their revenue that she was not able to dedicate any resources to growing Feeding My Kid’s Instagram following.

This case study highlights that each brand requires a different strategy. For many of our B2B brands, we focus our efforts on LinkedIn and other channels. For Feeding My Kid, we recognized new moms were on Pinterest, so we built a strong presence on Pinterest. In total, we were able to amass 1.5 million post views a month on Pinterest and over 200,000 website visits a month from Pinterest alone!


Facebook Followers


Instagram Followers

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Youtube Subscribers

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Pinterest Followers

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4- Cultivating a Movement Through Facebook Groups and Email

With a Facebook Group and Email Campaigns, we created a community that thrives because users can share their own ideas, recipes, experiences and stories with each other.

And, opening the floodgates by asking for community advice surrounding Feeding My Kid allowed us to utilize valuable user-generated content.

Facebook Group 3.0K Active Members

The Feeding My Kid Facebook Group allows real people to crowdsource their own answers.

5- Disrupting the Food Industry with Product Development

Once up and running with active community engagement, Feeding My Kid needed to do more than educate. To disrupt the food industry, we developed Mad Mom Foods as an e-commerce extension of Feeding My Kid and started developing a new food line that will make it easier for families to snack on the go with our unique line of Nutrient-Dense Superfood Energy Bars.

See the full line of functional energy bars — no preservatives, non-GMO verified, and no fillers. However, due to COVID-19, this project was shelved — literally.

A Cautionary Tale

In 2018, Feeding My Kid and Mad Mom Foods were beginning the logistical phase of product development for a line of all natural energy bars. The next year was spent on recipe development and identity development for the brand. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought all business development to an abrupt halt. 

Feeding My Kid quickly became stagnant. This is a cautionary tale teaching the lesson that, when you don’t keep up with something, the internet quickly pushes it aside. While we focused on the site, it was generating 250,000 visitors a month; now, it’s down to 3-4,000 monthly visitors. 

Don’t let the internet push your ideas to the wayside!

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