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We have Worked with Large University Systems to Small Private Colleges 


“In some colleges, fewer than 1 in 3 students who start there finish there. 

That is a strong sign of unhappy students! 

Service matters.  Research indicates that 72% of students who do not re-enroll give customer service as the reason. (Neal A. Raisman, The Business of Higher Education)
How do we help? Our agency focuses on taking friction out of the experience. We can help your college reimagine its enrollment process to add personalization, add Admissions enablement tools to help with scale.  See our services below and check out the video to see who we’ve helped. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you grow enrollments, automate more of your efforts while personalizing them at the same time! And, help to increase student and prospective student satisfaction! 

Learn more about Renee Seltzer, our founder.

Who We've Worked With

Our Services

  • Secret Shop we can shop your Admissions process against a set of competitors, and we can also shop your financial aid, student support and so much more
  • Student Journey Mapping let us map out your current Admissions process with department handoffs and then create the ideal Admissions process by removing more friction in the process. Apply our extensive experience in this area to reimagine your enrollment process for 2021 and well beyond
  • Qualitative Research we help with user studies, surveys and getting to the heart of what students want and need 
  • Marketing Strategy this can be all-encompassing or we can help you with a specific project, help you set up your tracking metrics 
  • Communication  Strategy we can help you navigate the complexities of your enrollment communication strategy 
  • Marketing Strategy and Audit  let us audit your marketing channels, spend, CPS and CPC to find the best channels, metrics, and approaches for your school
  • Website Conversion Optimization we can help you convert more of your visitors into inquiries and/or enrollments to improve yield and bring down your cost-per-start
  • Lead Nurturing/Email there is so much more your school can do with lead nurturing, behavioral targeting, and sending the right message to the right person at the right time
  • Marketing Automation & CRM we work with all types of CRMs from Salesforce, Hubspot and so many others and email services such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and loads of others.
  • Leveraging Technology to personalize the enrollment and retention experience at scale
  • Chatbot including website chat, and social media chat with chat guards
  • Customized Project schedule a time to speak and we can discuss your specific project.  You can schedule a time directly on our calendar with Zoom credentials. 
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