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We are Expert Evaluators 

We are Evaluators and act as an extension of your team to bring our expertise in Higher Ed, and Ed Tech Services to help you figure out your next move. 

Whether you are looking to acquire a School Group or Campus (scroll down for more info) or you are evaluating a 3rd-party vendor or services, let us jump in and help. 

Evaluating Education Technologies

Technology is moving at the speed-of-light. Your college is probably not tapping into the awesome power of automation and other Ed Tech Services!

Your team may not even know what’s available and how to harness these technologies to their full potential! So much is changing, and it feels like it’s changing almost daily, it’s hard for a team to keep up with. Lean on us. 

Many times we task our internal staff to help find a service or technology to solve a business problem. Often this person doesn’t know how to accurately review technology, ask the right questions, and uncover possible issues. And this staff member may not be comparing the right set of technologies to solve your business problem.  


Our research is anchored to your business problem. 

Our goal is to find a service or technology to help you solve your business challenges. We can help you answer these types of questions (and more):

  • How to reduce summer melt? 
  • Why does your college have low enrollments or re-enrollments?
  • How can you better deliver online education? 
  • Scalable curriculum development tools
  • Career service tools and resume writing services 
  • Time-saving Admissions tools 
  • Marketing technologies 

We partner with you and your team to help you evaluate a 3rd-party technology tool or service and provide our recommendation. 

We partner with clients to understand their needs on a deeper level and find the most meaningful ways to enhance their goals and improve their student’s experience. We can help you evaluate and possibly set-up the technology, depending on what it is

We become an extension of your team to help you kicking the tires and uncovering if this technology is everything it says it will be. 

Evaluating School Groups to Purchase

We can instrumental part of your evaluation before purchasing a campus, school group, or college. 

We have worked with several Equity Groups/ Investment Groups to help them analyze their purchase before finalizing it. We provide Secret Shopping, Marketing Audits, and Enrollment Audits to supplement the other documents you have received. 

We believe in the idea behind Trust, but Verify.  Let us help you verify! 


Why You Need to Do This: 

We can identify areas of weakness and strength, so your Group can know if this investment is worth it. There are a lot of reasons to purchase a college; some main reasons are their enrollment numbers, brand and marketing visibility, and their online brand reputation. Let us help you figure out how well this college or school group is executing their Marketing and Admissions. And, let us dig into this college’s online reviews. 

Let a 20-year veteran in Marketing and Admissions shop their recruitment process, providing insights on how your enrollment process could improve.

You will receive in-depth recommendations on what can be improved.


Secret Shop Before Purchasing 

We have shopped over 200 colleges and universities, and over 400 programs. Our Secret shopping doesn’t end with colleges and universities. We have shopped Primary and Secondary school private schools; plus, countless other businesses. We apply all of this experience to your shop and provide you true insights into your purchase before you move forward. 


Evaluations May Include:

  • Website experience, Thank you page
  • Submission form(s)
  • Online reputation 
  • Interview past, current students, faculty, and staff
  • Admissions chase
  • Marketing audit 
  • and so much more! 

We document their Admissions chase which can be a combination of phone calls, emails, conversations, and even campus visits.


Shop their Competitors Too

Most clients choose to secret shop their own enrollment process against a set of their biggest competitors.

This type of comparison helps you understand why someone will pick your competitor over your school or business. You will see how their enrollment experience differs, and you will receive a set of recommendations with actionable changes.

It’s not enough to point out issues, we will come to you with a set of recommendations on how to solve these issues and we will prioritize these recommendations based on the biggest value to your organization.

Schedule a consultation and we will discuss the next steps. 


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