Secret Shopping

Our Focus is on Driving Your Company More Sales and/ or Your College with More Enrollments

Is Your Sales or Enrollment Process Being Executed the Way You Envision?

Secret shopping is one of the best ways for your business to figure out its sales hurdles. You can’t fix what you’re not aware of. 

  • Can your Reps clearly be able to articulate why someone should buy from your company or enroll at your college? And, can they articulate what makes your business or college special?
  • Are your Reps following up with prospective buyers enough? (The answer is probably not. Find out why below.)
  • Are your marketing messages and sales communications aligned?
  • Where are there friction points in the enrollment process?

Let Ellison Ellery Consulting, a 20-year veteran in B2B and B2C, secret shop your sales and recruitment process, providing insights on how your process could improve, how marketing and sales can become better aligned.

You will receive in-depth recommendations on what can be improved.

Secret Shopping Experience

We have shopped hundreds of businesses, colleges, and universities. Why does that matter? As inbound marketing experts, we are able to secret shop your sales process and apply our 20 years of experience to provide recommendations on messaging, sales and marketing alignment, sales enablement, and how to better utilize technology throughout your sales process to ensure each prospective buyer get a consistent sales experience that aligns with your brand mission.

These recommendations will help you reimagine your sales process so you delight more prospective buyers, improve conversion rates, and get more referrals after the sale! 

For this type of project, we will secret shop your: 

  • Website experience
  • Submission form(s)
  • Thank you page
  • Your sales chase and communications throughout your sales chase including: phone calls, demos, emails, conversations, and even on-sight visits and your lead nurturing. 


To Thine Own Self Be True

Shop Your Competitors Too

Most clients choose to secret shop their own sales process against a set of their biggest competitors.

This type of comparison helps you understand why someone will pick your competitor over your business. You will see how your sales experience differs, and you will receive a set of recommendations with actionable changes.

It’s not enough to point out issues; we will come to you with a set of recommendations on how to solve these issues and we will prioritize them based on the biggest value to your organization.

Inquiries Fall Through the Cracks

Throughout my secret shopping career, I have done hundreds of secret shops. Time and time again, my request for information would go unanswered or I would receive a single email acknowledging my information was received.  Sometimes I would receive a mailer.

As far as the business knew, I was a prospective buyer interested in their service. Imagine how someone on the other end of this type of communication feels.

Let’s remove the hurdles wherever we can. We owe it to these prospective buyers. Selling is hard, but buying is even harder!

We need to better empathize with our prospective buyers and ask ourselves, are we doing enough to show them that we care?

What else can we do to help him or her through the sales process?

Schedule a consultation and we will discuss how to do a Secret Shop and identify your sales hurdles and friction points.

Want to Improve Your Sales Experience to Win More Deals?

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