How to Close More Sales

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This is a must-have for anyone who wants to up their sales and revenue!

If your sales team uses three communication methods, did you know it can increase your chances of closing the lead from 9.5% to 25.1% success rate (🔥 165.9% higher 🔥)? That’s sick! 165% increase???? Why aren’t more people doing it?

Well, because they don’t know. I’m here to fix that. Download our 2 pager with amazing tips on how to revamp your sales process to #CloseMoreSales here! 👉 Sales Tips Sheet – Growth Agency | Ellison Ellery Consulting

Let’s dig in a bit more: What are the different types of communication methods? It can be a combination of phone calls, voicemails, texting, email, video, social media, and direct mail.

👉Help your sales team out by attracting better leads (and experience a 56% increase in conversions! 🚀) with our free #WinMoreSales sales tips downloadable. It’s all about optimizing the buyer’s journey and sales enablement. We need to arm our salespeople with better sources.

Are your Sales Reps only calling a prospect twice or less? 📞

Are your emails more than 300 words? 📧

Do you forget to leave voicemails? 📲

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these, your sales process could use some love! 💔 → ❤️

Download here! 👉 Sales Tips Sheet – Growth Agency | Ellison Ellery Consulting

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