Why Your Brand Needs to Use Video Marketing

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Videos would win the 🥇 in the 2021 Marketing Olympics games because they outperform the competition in every category on social media.

✒ 148% more organic reach

✒ 2x total clicks

✒ 20-30% better conversion rates ✅

It’s no wonder why 61% of marketers are planning on increasing their video spend in 2021 😱

We know that utilizing video takes coordination between the product team or leadership, copywriters, video producers, graphic designers, and social media specialists.

❗The more people involved the more 💵💵💵 you spend.

What if the process were simpler? 📣 Would you be able to connect with your audience in a meaningful way? Would you be able to fix real issues for your customers?

🔧 Working with a marketing agency can be extremely cost-effective because you are paying fewer parties overall to create killer 🔪video content that drives sales 🎯

Take your messaging to the next level by scheduling a FREE marketing consultation where we can teach you:

🚀 Learn how to build a video marketing strategy

🚀 Learn how to optimize video content for social

🚀 Learn how to utilized video advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, and more!

Want even more sales advice specific to YOUR business? Schedule a FREE consultation with us today to start driving more leads and more revenue for your business.

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