Hiring a Fractional CMO Means Your Business Can Stop Doing Random Acts of Marketing

Why are Companies Hiring Fractional CMOs?  

Many organizations are unable to afford a full-time CMO, so instead, they hire more junior marketers or agencies to help them manage their marketing. This often leads to random acts of marketing, where you are spending money on tradeshows, re-doing your website in hopes it will miraculously drive 10x the amount of leads, or posting on social media without any real results to show for your dollars. 

The fractional part means you get a senior marketing leader who’s fully committed to your team, but not fully burdened with executive-level costs. 

Your fractional CMO will work with CEOs, Executives, and/or Sales Leaders to get alignment around your goals moving forward, create realistic action plans, and layer in more accountability. 

Does your organization lack clarity of message?  Is your company unable to reach the right audience to sell to? If so, consider a Fractional CMO.  

We work with B2B & B2C in Higher Ed, Non-Profits, SaaS, EdTech,  and other Agencies.


What is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO will be the Captain of your marketing ship, providing direction to the crew and teaching them how to row and in what direction. But a Fractional CMO will not be in the boat rowing with your team. 

This role is all about leverage. 

You’re leveraging the Fractional CMO’s: 

  • Talent
  • Strategy
  • Ability to identify the technology needed to help you meet your goals 
  • Ability to set up automations 
  • Ability to streamline processes 

Your organization will be able to hire less expensive hires to do the tactical execution (row the boat). This role teaches your marketing team how to implement the tactics and then checks in regularly to ensure everything is being executed well and no issues are coming up. 

To keep the analogy going, your Fractional CMO will also check in to make sure the ship is still on course, make adjustments as needed, and set up the appropriate KPIs and metrics to ensure you meet your destination within budget and while achieving realistic goals. 

Your Fractional CMO will work around 10-15 hours per week, generally for 6-24 months. This person is committed to your success, which is why these relationships generally last 12-24 months, if not longer. 


What Does a Fractional CMO Do? 

This person helps with: 

Hiring a Fractional CMO

  • Strategic planning
  • Product pricing
  • Persona development
  • Market positioning
  • Enhancing your tech stack 
  • Set short-term and long-term goals
  • Evaluating your staff’s capabilities including hiring and training 
  • Hiring and onboarding new team members
  • Creating your positioning statements, audiences, content pillars, refining your clarity of message, customer pain points, etc. 
  • Managing your marketing staff and their output 
  • Interviewing agencies or outsourced partners (if needed) and managing the ongoing relationship 
  • Setting up key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure your systems are able to track and report on KPIs 
  • Creating a buyer’s journey map covering your marketing touches, transitioning to sales, and how to onboard new customers and delight them so they can buy more, refer others to your business, and more 


Hiring a Fractional CMO Allows You to Leverage Your Dollars

Remember that your more junior marketing hires are learning on your dollar while testing different marketing channels with messages that just aren’t resonating. 

Stop the random acts of marketing!  

Have you been considering your opportunity cost? Since your business only has a finite set of resources, it’s important to consider your opportunity costs. 

While compromise is part of decision-making, the goal is to make the best possible decision with the least degree of opportunity cost. 

You’ve probably been talking about updating your marketing processes and systems for years. And we’re here to help you! Let’s work together so we can help you with accountability, metrics, results, and marketing plans that actually get executed well. 

Let us evaluate and then evolve your marketing systems, data, channels, and content. Leverage our expertise. 

Ready to explore fractional CMO support for your business?  Schedule a 30-minute Consultation.


6 Signs You Company Needs a Fractional CMO 


1. Your organization is missing the mark and not connecting with prospects. 

Is your organization doing ‘random acts of marketing‘?  It’s so common!  Your organization may need a marketing audit, which may include a secret shop.  We need to dissect what you’re doing, your content strategy, your marketing touchpoints from awareness to consideration to help uncover what is truly going on. 

We may identify new approaches and directions that were not considered before. Think of this as a health check-up on your business. From this audit, we can begin to create content that educates and informs your prospects and customers with context, clarity, and creativity, you can start to build trust. 

We can be a fresh set of eyes to help: 

  • Identify leaks in your sales funnel
  • Identify opportunities to pursue new channels
  • Identify which assets can be re-used and adjusted to be used on different channels 
  • Do a secret shop of your sales process compared with your competitors 

2. Your organization recently lost its marketing executive.

Let us help you source and hire. We will access what your organization needs in the short-term and long term. 

3. Your sales organization is making its own sales materials.

A fractional CMO can develop clarity of message, develop your brand story, and create an ABM strategy that all strengthens your brand and drives more conversations and sales. 

4. Your company been in business for years, but without a marketing executive.

A fractional CMO can guide late-stage companies in a marketing transformation to revitalize the brand and marketing approach to be future-proof.

5. Your organization is a start-up and not ready for a full-time marketing executive.  

A fractional CMO offers an affordable entry point for early-stage companies.

6. Your organization is not making data-informed decisions.

Your organization may need to define who your audience is, what their pain points are, and how to position yourselves against your competitors. We will go in and audit your marketing, sales touchpoints, CRM, technology solutions, and provide a comprehensive plan on what needs to be done and in what priority. 

We will help set necessary,  realistic KPIs, and build the reporting to garner insights so your organization can make informed business decisions that drive growth and new revenue streams. 

Ready to explore fractional CMO support for your business?  Schedule a 30-minute Consultation

Metrics Are Everything 

We will ensure your organization tracking aginst the right set of KPIs, including ensuring your website analytics are set-up and tracking your conversions correctly. We will also make sure your analytics are properly tracking all of your marketing channels.  

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. 


Next Steps

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation 

We will review your goals, objectives, timeline, and budget. Then we kick off the project with agreed-upon deliverables and timelines.  Easily schedule a call

Step 2: Conducting a Marketing Audit

I will review your current marketing and KPIs.  Hopefully, we will be able to identify some adjustments we can make right away. Think of this as plugging the holes in your leaky bucket. This way you can start seeing results in as little as a few weeks. 

If no prior tracking is available, I will help set up your CRM and/or analytics to make sure you are capturing the right information to create a benchmark. If this is the case, it may take a bit longer to get started. However, creating a benchmark is incredibly important.

Back to the mantra, you can’t fix what you can’t measure. 

Step 5: Documenting Recommendations, Prioritize Implementation 

Step 6: Analyzing And Learning From Your Test Results

Step 7: Creating a New Set of Hypothesis and Testing 

We will create a set of tests to identify what messages resonate with your audience best and with what channels. 

We Will Go After Quick Wins!

Here are some of the things we will tackle at the beginning of our project together.

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