User Studies

Find Out Why Your Prospective Students Do What They Do On Your Website.

Run qualitative research studies, specifically, user studies to better understand your prospective students' journey from awareness to an enrollment decision, so you can remove the friction and improve your yield.

Uncover Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

Through this study, we will highlight what the university is doing well and uncover potentially frustrating friction points preventing prospective students from continuing down the enrollment funnel. 

Our research will be anchored to your business problem and/or opportunity.  Our goal is to get actionable insights on why your college is losing prospective students, has lower than expected enrollments or re-enrollments (high drop rates), and/or bad online reviews.

Universities hire us to help them with:


  • University’s website experience
  • Submission form(s)
  • Thank you page
  • Lead nurturing process 
  • Application 
  • Orientation process
  • and more

User Studies / Qualitative Research Can Help to Improve Your:

  • Prospective student’s journey from awareness to consideration
  • Enrollment process and/or Financial aid process 
  • Student orientation
  • Re-enrollment process
  • Career Services 
  • Alumni Services 
  • Donor process

Based on the results of this study, your university will be able to better understand its prospective students’ desires, motivations, enrollment encouragers, and enrollment hang-ups in order to optimize its website(s) and marketing materials for increased enrollment.