Funnel Development

Funnel Development

Optimize Your Funnel, Quickly Increase Your Profits

Help your customers easily say “yes” to your products/solutions by optimizing your entire marketing and sales funnel (increasing your revenue while you’re at it!).

Funnel Development

Expertise to craft end-to-end digital experiences and the technical know-how needed to execute them

It’s hard enough as it is to get your prospective customers’ attention — and if they’re not easily, quickly, and meaningfully nurtured towards committing to the sale, chances are you’ve lost them for good.

That’s why you need to make sure your entire funnel is optimized for driving more sales.

So what do we mean by your “entire funnel”? Your funnel represents the entire journey your prospective customer takes to get to the point of the sale — and every interaction they have with you along the way. Starting with your ads and social posts, then to your landing page and form, on to the first email they get, and including all of your lead nurturing tactics that nudge them in the right direction: a funnel is complicated.

We audit, test, and optimize your entire funnel so your customers have an easier journey and you get more sales. It’s a win-win.

Higher Education Marketing & Enrollment Funnel Development

Turn Your Online Presence Into Your Best Sales Person

(Create a 24/7 sales machine!)

On average, it takes 10 marketing-driven “touches” before a top of funnel lead will turn into a customer.

Our Approach To Funnel Development


Defined Buyer’s Journey

It all starts with your ideal buyer’s persona. What motivates them and what do they desire? We’ll explore the awareness, consideration, and decision stages to help determine what content your ideal buyer would need and at what time.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Our team makes sure your site is optimized for internal efficiencies and includes a clear call-to-action for anyone who visits. Between your messaging and sales strategy, there may be missing links preventing your reps from being able to sell confidently and efficiently. Let’s use video throughout your funnel process to move people to the next stage.


Powerful Automation Software

With the right software in place, you can have automated workflows that streamline campaigns with easy management. Let technology do the work of delivering the right content at the right time. With our HubSpot expertise, we measure the success of your lead nurturing campaigns to help your business reach revenue goals faster.


Smarter Email Marketing

Segmented email marketing has been proven to be a critical component of any lead nurturing strategy. After you have a strong database and your buyer’s journey is defined, we’ll leverage these insights to deploy targeted email workflows to match your leads’ stage in the sales funnel.

Make your buyer’s journey an easy one .

Our work will be anchored to your business problem and/or opportunity. We prioritize revenue driving activity − driving people into your funnel, converting your leads into more sales ready prospects, converting SQLs into buyers.

What we do:

  • Paid media (Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok)
  • Landing page development
  • Content strategy (blog posts, social media, videos ebooks, whitepapers)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Thought leadership (podcasts, webinars, digital event management)
  • Lead magnet development and offer development
  • Website conversion rate optimization and improved CTA’s on your website
  • Email nurturing sequence
  • More video storytelling
  • Prospect education
  • Group information sessions
  • Text messaging sequence
  • Competitor comparison sheet
  • ABM strategy
  • Product/ service demo
  • Perfecting pitch deck with your team
  • Writing sales enablement materials for your sales team
  • Creating sales materials
  • Product spec sheets/ sales sheets
  • Case studies
  • Meeting calendar integrations
  • Reducing friction in the sales process

The EEC Difference

Our team consists of marketing veterans, advertising professionals, paid media wizards, inbound marketers, Gen Z-ers, and storytellers. Marketing (and advertising) at its core is a personal medium, and we’re bringing the human factor back to an industry that often forgets it.

Our #1 promise is that we’ll always work to truly understand your business and your customers, with the goal of creating seamless digital experiences that will delight your prospective buyers. 

 We have the technical know-how needed to execute campaigns, craft end-to-end digital experiences, and drive more traffic, leads, and revenue to your business — but know-how only takes an agency so far. That’s why we’ve also cultivated our soft skills (like listening, critical thinking, and a good amount of common sense) to make us a well-rounded partner you actually want to meet with on a regular basis.

EEC Team

Selling With Your Story

Clarifying your message through brand storytelling is the key to truly engaging your customers — and we help your customers become the heroes of their own stories. We make sure all of your marketing efforts are fueled by your story, helping to build meaningful relationships and expedite the buyer’s journey. And we ensure both your marketing and sales teams are completely aligned on your brand’s story so that it shines through in each step of your funnel.

Bringing Customers to You With Inbound Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Buyers are now in control — the days of chasing leads are gone. You now need to actually attract buyers into your funnel, building a long-term relationship with them so that they become more sales-ready over time. Our inbound strategy is driven by understanding your buyers’ pain points and what drives them to buy. We focus on providing value to your buyers first and making them more sales ready before engaging them to buy your product or service. Only 1-3% of buyers are ready to buy right now — we create a strategy to engage the other 97% until they’re ready.

No More Random Acts of Marketing

We don’t believe in random acts of marketing. By conducting in-depth research to define your audience and understand their true desires, we help you reach, attract, and retain high-quality, buyer ready customers with strong lead nurturing tactics. Lead nurturing can work through email and text as well as re-messaging campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and more. We orchestrate well-thought-out campaigns across marketing and sales channels to create a seamless buyer’s experience that delights!

Reaching Your Goals With Data-Driven Strategy

Having worked with companies just like yours, we have a store of valuable data insights that guide the way we do things. We are also firm believers that you can’t improve what you don’t measure, so we carefully track your results — especially which ads, landing pages, content, (and more) lead to sales — to help you refine your marketing strategy. And we also understand not everything can be attributed... but it’s still worth taking on creative endeavors, like a thought leadership strategy. We understand marketing is as much of a science as it is an art.

Our Approach To Funnel Development


Funnel Performance Assessment

We’ll do a comprehensive assessment of your sales + marketing funnels and performance with the goal of finding areas of opportunity. We lean on our diverse experience while strategizing how we can take your sales efforts and processes to the next level, driving you more consistent leads and revenue.

EEC Process 1

Strategic Planning

Aligning your goals with our strategy, we’ll use our data-driven approach to create a strategic plan for how your marketing can begin to generate more leads and revenue.


Lead Management

After we’ve agreed on a strategic plan, we’ll set the plan in motion. Expect true sales transformation, seamless lead management, and exciting results while we execute our strategic plan.

EEC Process 4

Testing & Reporting

Our process doesn’t stop once we’ve accomplished the deliverables. We constantly test the success of our initiatives and tweak as needed, also providing your team with insightful reports about the results of our work.


Maintenance & Training Resources

We’ll make sure your sales team is well-equipped (and driving you revenue!) and your processes are optimized during the maintenance stage. And, because you can never stay too ahead of the curve, we’ll provide you with timely, relevant, and actionable training resources to keep your sales team up to speed.

EEC Process 5

How are your Funnel Development efforts contributing to your company’s growth?

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