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LinkedIn Advertising

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LinkedIn Ads

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LinkedIn Ads Marketing Agency Services

With over 660 million professionals and 30 million businesses, LinkedIn is an invaluable B2B/B2C ad platform for driving your business more leads. With 80% of the B2B leads generated from social media coming from LinkedIn, it’s important for you to create a strategy to reach your audience when they’re already in the headspace to do business.

And we know what works on LinkedIn (and what doesn’t). We lean on our B2B expertise to help maximize your LinkedIn ads to win more business by reaching the right audience at the right time with the right content. And we don’t stop with ads — we’ll help you develop a holistic LinkedIn strategy that puts you in front of your buyers and gains their trust.

Our Approach To LinkedIn Ads


Compelling Ad Creative

These days your ad creative has to be amazing to break through the clutter. You have just 3 seconds to hook your audience’s attention without sound. We have the design expertise and copywriting chops to make your ads so compelling your audience won’t be able to scroll past without taking a second look.


Leveraging Employee Advocacy

We’ll help you create a campaign to turn your employees into your strongest advocates, leveraging LinkedIn to unlock the full power of your employees’ networks. We’ll also encourage your employees to share your content, ask your executive team to mention your page, and re-share your employees’ best articles — all with the goal of driving broader engagement.


Holistic Thought Leadership Strategy

Running LinkedIn ads requires having a LinkedIn page — and it’s important for your page to really sell your business. We’ll make sure your page is completed and well-optimized before running your first ad. Going one step further, we’ll also help you develop a Thought Leadership Strategy so you can post compelling content that gets you in front of your buyers and builds their trust.


Targeting for Real Traction

We’ll run targeted ads based on your business data with LinkedIn’s powerful targeting features. LinkedIn’s targeting options help you re-engage with your website visitors with Website Retargeting, nurture prospects with Contact Targeting, and run account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns with Account Targeting.

The EEC Difference

Our team consists of marketing veterans, advertising professionals, paid media wizards, inbound marketers, Gen Z-ers, and storytellers. Marketing (and advertising) at its core is a personal medium, and we’re bringing the human factor back to an industry that often forgets it.

Our #1 promise is that we’ll always work to truly understand your business and your customers, with the goal of creating seamless digital experiences that will delight your prospective buyers. 

 We have the technical know-how needed to execute campaigns, craft end-to-end digital experiences, and drive more traffic, leads, and revenue to your business — but know-how only takes an agency so far. That’s why we’ve also cultivated our soft skills (like listening, critical thinking, and a good amount of common sense) to make us a well-rounded partner you actually want to meet with on a regular basis.

EEC Team

Selling With Your Story

Clarifying your message through brand storytelling is the key to truly engaging your customers. And we help your customers become the heroes of their own stories. We make sure all of your marketing efforts are fueled by your story, helping to build meaningful relationships and expedite the buyer’s journey. And we ensure both your marketing and sales teams are completely aligned on your brand’s story so that it shines through in each step of your funnel.

Driving Your Business Predictable Leads Each Month

Our lead generation strategy focuses on driving people into your lead funnel no matter where they are in their buyer’s journey and then nurturing them to get more sales-ready. Our strategy is driven by first providing your leads with value before expecting them to commit to the sale. And, because your lead generation strategy is only as good as the leads it generates, we make sure your funnel is completely optimized for when your leads do decide to take the next step.

Playing to Your Crowd

We don’t believe in random acts of marketing. We don’t believe in random acts of marketing. By conducting in-depth research to define your audience and understand their true desires, we help you reach, attract, and retain high-quality, buyer-ready customers with strong lead nurturing tactics.
We’re not talking about psychographic persona stuff, but learning what really drives people to buy your product and what they hope to achieve after they use your product, so we can use that in our messaging and cadence.

Reaching Your Goals With Data-Driven Strategy

Having worked with companies just like yours, we have a store of valuable data insights that guide the way we do things. We are also firm believers that you can’t improve what you don’t measure, so we carefully track your results — especially which ads, landing pages, content, (and more) lead to sales — to help you refine your marketing strategy.

Our Process for LinkedIn Advertising


Marketing Performance Assessment

We’ll do a comprehensive assessment of your marketing funnel and performance with the goal of finding areas of opportunity. We lean on our diverse experience while strategizing how we can take your marketing efforts to the next level and drive you more revenue.

EEC Process 1

Strategic Planning

Aligning your goals with our strategy, we’ll use our data-driven approach to create a strategic plan for how your marketing can begin to generate more leads and revenue.


Execution Phase

After we’ve agreed on a strategic plan, we’ll set the plan in motion. Expect true transformation and exciting results while we execute our strategic plan.

EEC Process 4

Testing & Reporting

Our process doesn’t stop once we’ve accomplished the deliverables. We constantly test the success of our initiatives and tweak as needed, also providing your team with insightful reports about the results of our work.


Maintenance & Training Resources

We’ll make sure all campaigns and initiatives keep running smoothly (and driving you revenue!) during the maintenance stage. And, because you can never stay too ahead of the curve, we’ll provide you with timely, relevant, and actionable training resources to keep your team up to speed.

EEC Process 5

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