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Search Engine Optimization

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With the world of online marketing constantly expanding, search engines can only display the most relevant and authoritative content first. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all SEO approach. Different companies require different strategies. Consequently, not having a strategy at all can result in lost revenue and wasted resources.

Our approach to SEO is more comprehensive compared to other firms. While we perform all of the technical tasks required for a strong SEO strategy (keyword optimization, on-page/off-page SEO, link building, technical SEO, etc.), we don’t just call it a day when a visitor lands on your website. We work to optimize your entire buyer’s journey, orchestrating seamless experiences that not only increase your website’s traffic but actually drive up your revenue.

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Comprehensive SEO Audit + Strategy

What keywords are you ranking for? How do you promote new pieces of content? This first step in understanding your business is crucial to long-term SEO success. Our team will run through what’s worked in the past, and where we can improve in the present, so we can start optimizing your efforts for future returns.

Robust Content Strategy + On-Page SEO

Developing a robust content strategy is the cornerstone of an effective SEO strategy. We work on creating engaging content that your prospective buyers both want and need — and we ensure your on-page SEO is executed flawlessly while we’re at it.

Technical SEO Website Makeovers

We work to remove any possible hurdles from a technical standpoint that can limit your website’s potential. With a back-end deepdive into your website, we make sure it’s able to be indexed by search engines, fix issues/errors, and ensure the website loads quickly to give your buyers a seamless experience.

Building Credibility with Local SEO + Off-Page SEO

Optimizing your website for both prospective buyers and for search engines helps both parties view your website with credibility, authority, popularity, and relevance. We’ll help you boost your rank in local searches as well as develop and execute a marketing strategy for off-page SEO.

The EEC Difference 

Our team consists of marketing veterans, advertising professionals, paid media wizards, inbound marketers, Gen Z-ers, and storytellers. Marketing (and advertising) at its core is a personal medium, and we’re bringing the human factor back to an industry that often forgets it.

Our #1 promise is that we’ll always work to truly understand your business and your customers, with the goal of creating seamless digital experiences that will delight your prospective buyers. 

 We have the technical know-how needed to execute campaigns, craft end-to-end digital experiences, and drive more traffic, leads, and revenue to your business — but know-how only takes an agency so far. That’s why we’ve also cultivated our soft skills (like listening, critical thinking, and a good amount of common sense) to make us a well-rounded partner you actually want to meet with on a regular basis.

Selling With Your Story

Clarifying your message through brand storytelling is the key to truly engaging your customers.
...And we help your customers become the heroes of their own stories. We believe the combination of storytelling and digital marketing goes a long way when it comes to building revenue. While we make the needed technical tweaks to your website, we are also refining messaging to get more of your visitors to become intrigued to learn more about your product or service.

Bringing Customers to You With Content Strategy

While we are doing the keyword research, we dig in deep to understand the intent behind the keyword searches.
...Then we work to create or optimize your buyer’s journey so we can attract and keep more of your visitors from leaving your website without filling out a lead form. We make it all about the customer. Our strategy is driven by first providing your leads with value before expecting them to commit to the sale.

Playing to Your Crowd

We don’t believe in random acts of marketing.
By conducting in-depth research to define your audience and understand their true desires, we help you reach, attract, and retain high-quality, buyer-ready customers.

Reaching Your Goals With Data-Driven Strategy

Having worked with companies just like yours, we have a store of valuable data insights that guide the way we do things.
We are also firm believers that you can’t improve what you don’t measure, so we carefully track your results to help you achieve your goals. We set a plan into motion, track it, and then adjust as needed. We never set it and forget it!

Our Process For SEO

Marketing Performance Assessment
We’ll do a comprehensive assessment of your SEO strategy and keyword performance with the goal of finding areas of opportunity. We lean on our diverse experience while strategizing how we can take your SEO strategy to the next level, driving more leads to your website and boosting your revenue.

- Assessing your current SEO efforts, processes, and keywords
- Noting areas of opportunity in your website
- Performing an SEO analysis of your competitors
Keyword Development
Aligning your goals with our strategy, we’ll use our data-driven approach to focus on keyword development and begin planning your website’s SEO transformation. We’ll find your keyword sweet spot so you can stand out from your competitors.

- Establishing your business’s ideal keywords
- Creating a roadmap with milestones
- Agreeing on objectives and deliverables
- Setting up your tracking and report
Website Optimization
After we’ve agreed on an SEO strategy, we’ll set the plan in motion. While it may take months to experience the fruits of your SEO investment, you can be sure it’s 100% worth it. Expect true SEO transformation and a steady increase in traffic as we execute our strategic plan.

- Executing a robust content strategy aligned with your SEO goals
- Optimizing on-page SEO
- Optimizing local/off-page SEO
- Troubleshooting + optimizing your website’s backend
Testing & Reporting
Our SEO process doesn’t stop once we’ve optimized your website and content — SEO is an ever-changing competitive landscape. We constantly test the success of your keywords and tweak as needed, also providing your team with insightful reports about the results of our SEO work.

- Testing for keyword optimization
- Reporting on SEO success
- Adjusting strategy
- Introducing new channels and tactics
Maintenance & Training Resources
We’ll make sure all SEO initiatives keep running smoothly (and driving you revenue!) during the maintenance stage. And, because you can never stay too ahead of the curve, we’ll provide you with timely, relevant, and actionable SEO training resources to keep your team up to speed.

- Creating new optimized content as needed
- Maintaining and updating content
- Aggregating and sharing helpful training resources
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