Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Supply Your Sales Reps With The Ultimate Deal-closing Tools

Sales enablement so seamless your customers won’t be able to say no.

Sales Enablement

Optimize your content to break
through the digital noise.

Buyers are becoming increasingly skeptical, doing their research before making a purchasing decision. With fierce competition, your sales team needs the best tools, insights, and content in order to rise above the rest and keep prospects coming back for more.

We’ll help you develop an inventory of resources and tools for your sales reps to help them turn more prospects into customers. With your marketing and sales teams aligned and a comprehensive sales enablement strategy in motion, get ready to see your sales take off!

Our Approach To Sales Enablement


Integrating Powerful Software

We connect all of your sales and marketing efforts into one tool with HubSpot’s CRM. You’ll have full visibility into your sales pipeline, deal tracking, and lead generation all in a single convenient location.


Developing a Hero Strategy

Our team will develop a series of buyer personas and help you answer the question: “How can you make your customers the hero of their story?” We’ll define what problem of theirs you’re solving with your product or service. Then we’ll devise a strategy that speaks to these audiences through sales content, resources, and tools.


Bridging Departmental Gaps

Between your messaging and sales strategy, there may be missing links preventing your reps from being able to sell confidently and efficiently. Correcting these gaps, and any gaps among your marketing and sales teams, will elevate and strengthen your brand even further.


Optimizing Sales Content

We’ll explore what resources you already have and identify what gaps you might need to fill to achieve a repository fit for your sales team. And we’ll keep your marketing team involved to help give your sales content the makeover it needs.

The EEC Difference

Our team consists of marketing veterans, advertising professionals, paid media wizards, inbound marketers, Gen Z-ers, and storytellers. Marketing (and advertising) at its core is a personal medium, and we’re bringing the human factor back to an industry that often forgets it.

Our #1 promise is that we’ll always work to truly understand your business and your customers, with the goal of creating seamless digital experiences that will delight your prospective buyers. 

 We have the technical know-how needed to execute campaigns, craft end-to-end digital experiences, and drive more traffic, leads, and revenue to your business — but know-how only takes an agency so far. That’s why we’ve also cultivated our soft skills (like listening, critical thinking, and a good amount of common sense) to make us a well-rounded partner you actually want to meet with on a regular basis.

EEC Team

Selling With Your Story

Clarifying your message through brand storytelling is the key to truly engaging your customers. And making sure your sales and marketing teams are aligned on your company’s story is one of the most important factors in sales enablement. We empower your sales team, realign your marketing, and strategize for business growth — all while keeping the customer at the center of it all.

Your Sales Team Needs to Be Empowered with Better Resources

But many companies have inconsistent sales processes. They may have an all-star salesperson or two, but more often than not, their other sales team members are left floundering. Some sales reps are responsible for creating their pitch decks or sales materials, which can create mixed results. Not to mention having to enter all their data into outdated systems – if they do so at all. Most sales teams just revert to using their email account and ditch the CRM all together, creating unreliable sales data and sales process.
All of this costs your company precious leads and money.

Playing to Your Crowd

We don’t believe in random sales pitches. We explore what resources you already have and identify what gaps you might need to fill to build a repository fit for your sales team — helping you more efficiently and consistently reach, attract, and sell to high-quality leads by giving them exactly what they want, when they want it.

Reaching Your Goals With Data-Driven Strategy

Having worked with companies just like yours, we have a store of valuable data insights that guide the way we do things. We are also firm believers that you can’t improve what you don’t measure, so we carefully track your results — especially which ads, landing pages, content, (and more) lead to sales — to help you refine your marketing strategy.

Our Process For Sales Enablement


Sales Performance Assessment

We’ll do a comprehensive assessment of your sales funnel and performance with the goal of finding areas of opportunity. We lean on our diverse experience while strategizing how we can take your sales efforts and processes to the next level, driving you more consistent leads and revenue.

EEC Process 1

Strategic Planning

Aligning your sales goals with our strategy, we’ll use our data-driven approach to create a strategic plan for how your sales team and processes can begin to generate more leads and revenue.


Lead Management

After we’ve agreed on a strategic plan, we’ll set the plan in motion. Expect true sales transformation, seamless lead management, and exciting results while we execute our strategic plan.

EEC Process 4

Testing & Reporting

Our process doesn’t stop once we’ve accomplished the deliverables. We constantly test the success of our initiatives and tweak as needed, also providing your team with insightful reports about the results of our work.


Maintenance & Training Resources

We’ll make sure your sales team is well-equipped (and driving you revenue!) and your processes are optimized during the maintenance stage. And, because you can never stay too ahead of the curve, we’ll provide you with timely, relevant, and actionable training resources to keep your sales team up to speed.

EEC Process 5

How are your Sales Enablement efforts
contributing to your company’s growth?

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