Admission Webinar Blueprint: Content Repurposing Strategy

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Admissions webinars can help universities convert their inquiries into enrollments and increase enrollment yield. These digital admissions webinars can be less expensive than in-person events and can provide your marketing team with months of content that can be leveraged and repurposed in 20+ different ways.

In recent years, universities and educational organizations are discovering the power of a Webinar-based strategy to attract new students. Over the years, our agency has sat through hundreds of Admissions webinars, and we are sharing key takeaways that you can leverage at your college or university.  Why make the same mistakes as others when you can learn from them? 

Want to learn more? Check out our webinar admissions blog post, Tiber Edtech/ higher ed case study, or schedule a free discovery call to find out how Ellison Ellery can help your school grow enrollments through admissions webinars!

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