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Are You Following Best Practices For Your Higher Ed Landing Pages?

Refer to these infographics to get familiar with the anatomy of a fantastic landing page, discover where your landing pages are lacking, and learn best practices to follow in order to raise your conversion rates and get the most out of your website!

Higher Ed landing pages best practices & examples

Paid media is a powerful channel for colleges and universities, but if you’ve been using it, you will have seen that the cost has increased significantly over time. What used to be an easy, affordable way to get more interest for your school has turned into a competitive, often expensive endeavor.

You can turn your paid media channel into your school’s competitive advantage with the right landing page optimization, strategy, and messaging.

Follow these best practices to create great converting landing pages that help drive down costs while increasing and scaling your college or university enrollments.

Be sure to save these Higher Ed landing page infographics, and check out our Higher Ed Landing Page Optimization blog post to learn how best to apply these recommendations to your school’s strategy. We detail how to write great headlines, form length to optimize for results, and so much more.

Need help creating high-performing Higher Ed landing pages for paid media? We can help.

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Download Infographics

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