Universities Killing it On TikTok

Universities Killing it on TikTok

Why Universities Need to Leverage Short Form Video Content to Grow Their Enrollments

Social media has a massive effect on brand building through storytelling, authenticity, and transparency. Check out these examples of universities Killing it On TikTok! 👇📲

Social media allows universities to build community by developing an authentic connection with prospective students, current students, and maintaining such with alumni.

Posting on social media begins the conversation and is the easy part of social media. The challenge, however, is creating content people want to read, watch, and engage with. 

This is where developing a strong content strategy (including graphics, videos, and written content) plays a significant role.

Let’s talk about how.

We’ve curated various video examples to inspire faculty and staff to create user-generated content for your college or university. Check out these universities absolutely killing it on TikTok, and share this post with others for inspiration.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this list of examples gives your faculty and staff options of which might work for you.

Your School Needs to Create TikToks

TikTok Demographics:

U.S. Audience – TikTok has about 1 billion monthly active users in the United States. 

  • 60% are female, 40% are male. 
  • 60% are between the ages of 16-24.
  • 26% are between the ages 25-44. Jun 14, 2021* As more people join the age is moving up. TikTok is the most downloaded app.

Watch this video for more info about short-form videos 👇👇👇.

They Ask, You Answer

If this seems daunting and you’re not sure where to start, begin by identifying the most common questions your admissions team receives, and create content addressing those questions. Create a robust video FAQ using short-form video content. Use that video for social media then re-purpose it on your website under your Admissions FAQ section.

For each FAQ, record a short video answering students’ most pressing questions (see Home Depot example). 

This is not an information session as these short-form videos should be 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length, and answer a specific question. Be sure to name the video correctly, add a great cover photo and post the video to several social media channels, and your website.

Table of Contents

Showcase Student, Alumni, and Faculty Achievements

Inspire prospective students by your unique stories of determination, perseverance, and achievements, encouraging them to follow and pursue their own goals within your school.

Get More Video Student Testimonials

Your student testimonials don’t have to have as high of a production value as these examples below. We created this filming guide to send your faculty or students to have them record videos for your college or university.

@mcomdiversitycouncil Alumni spotlight 😎 #medicalstudent #TheChallengeAllStars #premedicalstudent #premedadvice #doctorsoftiktok #mcat #DSWCutLoose ♬ Unlock it (Lock It) [feat. Kim Petras and Jay Park] – Charli XCX
@utm #UTM Alumni Spotlight 🔦 Shannae Ingleton Smith, 2005 alumna, has built one of the world’s top boutique management agencies that focuses on Black social media influencers.💻 #UTMalumni #uoft #mississaugaontario ♬ original sound – Sickickmusic

Student and Alumni Generated Content

While academics are the main focus of attending a college or university, lifestyle plays a huge role as well. Get students excited to join in on the fun, showcasing the human aspect of being a college student. A touch of quirkiness is disarming, relatable, and endearing.

Remember, you’re talking to people so make a genuine connection where you can. Show point of view videos (POV).

  • Student Success Story featuring a student
  • Filming student point of view videos (walking onto the campus and attending a class, or online student in their day in the life of a project management student) 
  • Sharing student stories who are starting businesses and providing updates on their business 
  • Showing students in a study group and briefly interviewing them 
  • Showing how students are preparing for exams 
  • Mascot visiting classroom or field trip location 
  • Having undergraduate students audit a master’s level course and share a quick project with master level students
  • Highlight what alums are doing now
  • Feature alums as they get promoted or take on new endeavors 
  • Ask alums to share advice for incoming students 
  • Asking companies who hire your alumni about their experience attending your college or university
@trssociety busy day😮‍💨 #dayinthelife #vlog #businessstudent #toronto #university ♬ Lazy Sunday – Official Sound Studio
@cherie.brooke Which one would you have chosen?🥺 #mba #gradschool #businessschool #gradstudent #techtok #pmlife #productmanager #computerscience #tech #corporate ♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei
@escpbs Typical Day as a student at ESCP London #ESCP #London #foryou #pourtoi #studentlife #businessschool ♬ Just A Little While – The 502s
@miinnou Who can relate? #fyp #students #foryou #study #münster #lawschool #businessschool #studentlife #studentproblems ♬ Holy Spirit Activate – Victory Youth
@jessiemedinaofficial #creativeproject 💛 #backdrop #creativeentrepreneur #Latinaceo #2021goals #visionboard ♬ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Joytastic Sarah
@carleighhyser My final senior art capstone project rundown! Georgia Football history in a 10 by 10 ft painting… pause the video for fun facts! Sorry the ending was so awkward! I’m not recording it again that took too much effort ha #GeorgiaFootball #art #artschool #UGA #senior #graphicdesign #painting ♬ original sound – Carleigh Hyser

Campus Events/Student Life

What can your students look forward to while on campus? Social events, networking opportunities, and gatherings are all excellent ways to showcase campus culture to prospective students interested in your school. Check out these great examples!

  • Welcoming students at the start of the semester 
  • Posting about holidays  
  • Weather, construction, or other important campus news 
  • Special events on campus 
  • Special guest speakers 
  • Inviting your mascot to events and the press photos
  • Inviting local companies and corporates to co-sponsor an event and share it on social media
@uofmichigan A peek inside Ross for today’s Michigan Fashion Media Summit! #RossBusinessSchool #UofM #StudentLife ♬ original sound – UofMichigan

Showing Off Unique Features of Your Campus

Showcase the unique features on your campus and facilities and film those awesome locations! Do you have unique clinical labs, simulators, or something else you want to showcase? How does your school accommodate your students’ unique lifestyles?

People love to visualize themselves and see themselves in these videos. Showcase beautiful sunsets, unique photo opp locations, groups of students hanging out, etc. Get inspired by these videos below.

Feature Your Surrounding Location

  • Show off different places on campus
  • Tour classes 
  • Showcase things to do near campus your campus (example: getting coffee nearby and walking into a building)
  • Having lunch before classes start

We have more video examples on page 2, including:

  • Leveraging your faculty thought leadership
  • Degree related content
  • Career related content


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